Tactical Steel Pen

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Any budding spy will love this fantastic Tactical Pen. Not only will you write in professional style and provoke deep envy from all your friends and co-workers, but should you be stuck in a car during one of your adventures, you will be able to pull-out this bad-boy and break through any windshield, thanks to the ultra-hard tungsten-steel point!!

Calling all aspiring James Bonds!-- we have only 60 units at this spectacular opening rate.


Type: Ballpoint Pen
Writing Point: 0.7mm
Pen Type: Multi-Functional Pen
Material: Metal, tungsten tip


We have 60 units in stock and are offering them at a 50% OFF discount. Once our inventory runs our the rates will raise accordingly to full retail; BUT, don't worry!...The full retail rate is still a fantastic deal for this awesome tactical pen.

Happy writing!!!