Slim Metal Travel Mini Wallet

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Just as nice as our carbon fiber wallet, this awesome aluminum wallet gives you superior protection for your credit cards and cash. Made of ultra strong aviation aluminum alloy. If includes a money clip to hold your bills tightly and easy to reach. It also features RFID protection to prevent to keep your information safe. All of this in such in a super slim form factor!

Put one of these in your pocket today -- we have only 50 units at this spectacular opening rate.


Width: 3.4in (8.6cm)

Length: 2.6in (6.5cm)

Depth: 0.28 inch

Material Composition: aviation aluminum alloy, stainless steel

Item Weight: 60g



As of December 18, we have only 25 units left in stock and are offering them at a 50% OFF discount. Once our inventory runs our the rates will raise accordingly to full retail; Get it now!!!