Floating Insulated Coffee Cup

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For those afternoons when you need a pick-me up espresso shot, this cup is the way to do it in style. The beverage of your choice appears to float inside the cup. It is insulated to protect your hands from burns with high-temp resistant borosilicate glass.

We have limited amount of units at this fantastic opening rate. Get yours today before they are gone!

Drink ware Type: Coffee, Tea, Espresso Cup, shot glass
Feature: Eco-Friendly, insulated (exterior stays cool)
Certification: FDA,CE / EU
Material: High Temperature- Resistant Borosilicate Glass
Capacity:  2.75 fl oz (80ml) 
Dimensions: Mouth opening diameter = 2in (5cm), Height = 2.36in (6cm)


We have only 90 units left in stock and are offering them at a 50% OFF discount. Once our inventory runs our the rates will raise accordingly to full retail; BUT don't worry...the full retail price is still a fantastic deal for this awesome espresso cup!